Our Suppliers

We would not be able to bring you these flies without them

Wanting to produce quality flies is all well and good, but we would not be able to do so if it was not thanks to our great suppliers.

We spend a considerable amount of time sourcing some of the best materials available on the market. Our main suppliers are listed below, and you will recognize some of the finest names in the industry.

All our hooks come from VMC, and are made in France.

All our fly tying consumables are sourced directly from Wapsi and Hareline.

All our cock and hen feathers are from the top US breeders: Whiting Farms, Keough, and Metz.

All our furs are sourced through a French reseller, but are either Wapsi or Hareline.

Although we use all known threads out there, we have a particular love for the natural silk we buy from Au Ver à Soie, in Paris.