Mada Flies' Story

It all started with a keen passion for Fly Fishing...

After countless fishing trips, from the untouched rivers of Réunion Island, to the quaint waters of New England, without forgetting the great dams of South Africa, I started paying a little more attention to the flies I selected at the local fly shops of all my fishing destinations. Depending on location, quality was not always up to par...

One Christmas, my wife, Jen, always on the lookout for a useful gift, presented me with a tiny little case. My very first tying kit, purchased at L.L. Bean, in Maine, while I was out fishing Brookies on Massachussett's ultra clear Swift River.

That little kit, although very limited, sparked yet another passion, and I started spending most of my free time tying flies. To this day, one of my favorite flies to tie is the time honored "Adams Irresistible".

It was not long after that Jen and I realized fly tying was a perfect opportunity for us in Madagascar, which is more known for its high end clothing factories. Malagasy (the people of Madagascar) are renowned for their ability to work with their hands, and are detail oriented. We simply knew that with proper training, we would be producing quality flies in no time.

Jen and I spent a few years learning all the techniques we could. We purchased books, watched videos, argued (and sometimes fought!!!) about how to best tie a particular fly. And on a cold August morning (yes, here August is winter), we decided it was time to pass on that knowledge to three Malagasy individuals, who became our first colleagues. Mada Flies was born, out of a little shed in our garden.

Since then, our team has changed, and grown, but two of these three team members, Zoly and her sister Hermine, are still with us, passing along their knowledge to their own apprentices. If you would like, you can meet Mada Flies' leading team members here.